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Moment In Frame // Cars and Coffee May 2018

Momen-momen yang akan kami sajikan berikut ini merupakan hasil tangkapan dari kamera kami yang berada di Cars and Coffe bulan Mei 2018. Mari kita simak cerita dibalik foto-foto tersebut dari chapter ke chapter!


Mini Troops Invansion

Kali ini kita kedatangan tamu yang banyak sekali dari Jakarta Morris Club dengan beragam line up menarik seperti Morris Minor, Mini Cooper, Traveller, Countryman, Moke and everything you name it hadir di sini. Enjoy the pics. 



Are you guys allowed to bring pets to Cars and Coffee? Of course yes! Check out this couple of dogs were playing around the parking area.


Bois Tois!

There’s a lot of die cast, model car, and more collectibles miniatures around here. Those things are always attractive, aren’t they?


Hatchy Hatches!

Well, this is hatchy. If you know what I mean 😀


There’s Something More

There’s always a lot of interesting cars here in cars and coffee. Enjoy the pics. 





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