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Moment In Frame // Pertamax Motorsport Fastin’ Fastout 2016

Gue mau mencoba untuk sedikit berbeda dari kebiasaan Goodrides dalam menyajikan sebuah artikel. Now, I’d like to tell you a story behind every moment that were caught on our cameras. Sebetulnya awal mula ide ini muncul ketika gue mulai kelimpungan dengan jumlah foto yang berlebihan untuk disajikan dalam satu artikel. Jadi, gue kepikiran untuk lebih menceritakan satu persatu kejadian yang ada di dalam foto tersebut secara dalam tanpa mengikuti flow acara seperti layaknya artikel liputan kami yang sebelum-sebelumnya.

Ok, so here’s the story of them.


The vibes

You can’t see this kind of view unless you’re living in the mountains. Apalagi pagi itu Sentul sedang diguyur hujan dari semalam sebelumnya menjadi sukses membuat lereng gunung Salak terselimuti kabut. Sejujurnya gue sangat menikmati cuaca seperti ini di pegunungan, the frehsness, the scent, it’s just right!

Puddles, puddles everywhere!

Berhubung mobil gue menginap dari semalam di Sentul dan pada pagi harinya udah disibukkan dengan urusan persiapan acara, jadinya gue pasrah aja mobil basah kotor nggak karuan. I’m sorry, baby.

The art of rally inspired beast.

And she got her twin on that day.

Sophisticated toy. It’s not that fast but, it’s very quick. Driven by the very talented Muhammad Ichsan. Sangat nggak disarankan bagi kalian yang memiliki postur badan mirip gue untuk mencoba duduk ke dalam kabin mobil ini. LOL!

I guess Honda will always be the best track toy for everyone.

Not literally for everyone. I mean, it would be suited for every level from the beginners to the professional racers.

Pit 0 selalu dijadikan tempat untuk mendata ulang partisipan dalam seluruh event yang kami selenggarakan di Sentul. Somehow, dengan begini kami menjadi lebih dekat dengan seluruh partisipan karena selalu berinteraksi langsung dengan mereka. Sejauh ini kami sangat senang dengan their behaviour yang selalu excited dan kooperatif. Thank you guys! We love you!

Bintang with his new ride. Setelah puas dengan VW Golf GTI MK V nya selama bertahun-tahun, pada akhirnya dia ended up dengan japanese sports car ini. Lately, gue sering memergoki dirinya benar-benar sering menghabiskan waktu bersama mobil ini. Either cruising around til dawn or hanging out with his friends.

Sangun Ragahdo is one of Bintang’s close friends. He brought his companion to the track today.

Named Han Solo.

He seems truly confused by the surrounding environment. LOL!

Typical Indonesian, chillin’ with cigs and coffee.

But sometimes y’all gotta think about the considerations. I mean smoking are really dangerous. If you’re next to the gasoline.

Arki chillin’ on his ‘comfort’ seat.

Looks like Guntur had no idea what he was doin’ there. JK! 😀

Dito on duty, lining up those fierce drivers who can’t wait to hit the track.

Luckily, erryone followed exactly what he was saying.

Neat line up. Thank you for you coordinations.

The Crew

Immabout to let y’all guys know our goodfriends who have always been there when we needed them.

Starting with Reno ma nigguh!

I think Syiam and Mothy really had goodtimes here. Reflected thru their big smiles.

Chit chat and high five!

Here’s the man behind our sophisticated timing device. Sebelum acara mulai, gue diminta untuk kembali menjelaskan pembagian kelas dan rundown acara. Hal ini benar-benar menjadi concern mereka supaya tidak ada kekeliruan dalam pengambilan data pada saat mobil masuk ke dalam track.

Hal itu juga berlaku untuk pemasangan transponder di tiap mobil.

Somehow, rambut Ricky terlihat flawless, mungkin karena Ricky keramas hari ini. LOL!

Ical Sonde known as Bertus from #maximumdog senantiasa membantu dalam peliputan acara kita. Thanks mate!

Bromance! But i think the man behind the pit wall needed some love too.

Fauzan usually being a plane spotter. Catching a moment when a plane is approaching an airport or the other way. But today he decided to help us capture every moment in Sirkuit Sentul.

Andra Agung, the Kendama master juga mempunyai kapabilitas yang menurut gue ‘wah’ dalam capturing a ‘moment’.

Instead of walking around the pit lane, Andra decided to explore the field to get more nice angles.

Photographer lyfe.


Seems like Dito got his companion, now Guntur took over the megaphone.

Christo ain’t smokin’. He just vapin’ next to the legendary KZ.

Red flag means you need to gtfo from the track as soon as possible.

Not sure if hooning or jetskiing. Or anything else? But Rino is being Rino, he really meant it! 

Well, actually he’s our drone pilot.

Capturing all of these shiz from above with this device.

Up up and awaay.

So here’s a sample of it. Everyone say hi to Yahya with his new toy!

They grow together since highschool. Muda and Yahya had the same passion with Honda. But lately Yahya decided to get rid all of his Hondas and as you see now he’s heart is on Toyota.

But Muda, he’s still workin’ on his EG. Setelah gue perhatikan perkembangan mobilnya, semakin tahun semakin sempurna dan betul-betul kuat untuk di-bully di dalam Sirkuit.





The Goodfriends

Hundred kilos club.

Sup Reyner!

Itchy itchy chest!

Ain’t got no wrong with that hair color.

Guess what they’re talking bout?

This gesture known as the “car position” language. Sometimes it’s funny to watch from distance without hearing the explanations.

And now the solo version.


Ok now let’s get back to serious talk.

Looks like Rifat is attracted to Ichan’s ride.

Briefing in another briefing.

FYI, they are actually race drivers from many kind of diciplines.

For some reason, I can feel the confusing moment inside this frame.

Tapi katanya sih mending pegangan biar ngga bingung.

A rare pose that you can do in the middle of the track.


Gettin’ Ready

Did you see that? huh?

Racing harness is the key!

Eyes on you!

All hype and shit.

Kayaknya gue jarang liat Evan serius. I mean, walaupun dia lagi serius gue tetep ngeliatnya lagi nggak serius. LOL!

Johan are getting ready to ride shot gun with Yahya’s EP71.

Good to go!


Yahya terlihat lebih fit dari angle ini.


Peace out!

Akram is ready to hit the track with his proper track prep NCP91.

So does Echa, who want to mark his best laptime with CT9A.

Here’s Muda before wearing a helmet. Such a nice person to meet isn’t he?

Now look at the difference with a helmet. Fierce asf.

Looks like a completely different person.

A person who is willing to compete everyone. LOL! Cuman sumpah, pake helmet galak banget mas.

And off he go!


The Rides

BMW E36 merupakan jenis mobil yang tergolong banyak digemari car enthusiast di Indonesia belakangan ini.

Mungkin selain harganya yang sudah sangat terjangkau, untuk membangun mobil ini cenderung effortless.

Mungkin karena masih tergolong sederhana ya, makanya gue bisa bilang effortless. Atau karena belum ada yang wah menurut gue ngebangunnya.

Tapi kalau E36 wagon kayak gini sih, gue angkat tangan. Walaupun gue masih punya keingingan untuk memiliki satu unit sebagai mainan. 😀

Anyways, ini cuma perasaan gue doang atau memang tulisan nama Evan yang gue asumsikan dibuat secara freehand cutted ini somehow mirip sama tulisan sop buah. LMAO! Kidding Bro!

All time favorite! 

Ardi’s beast CT9A. The fastest car of the day!

Dramatical shot of pouring rain over STI.

Gue mungkin jadi salah satu orang yang tau betul perjalanan Lucky dengan A31 kesayangannya ini. Well, time flies really-really fast, brother.

I personally would like to see this kind of setup more instead of fender to lip game and excessive camber on civic EF. But, it all depends on your game.

One bladed wiper no problem.

It’s quite rare to find the 3 doors version of this EP82 here in Indonesia.

Willie’s SR20DET powered 510.

If you noticed, this car is using e30 headlights. Yes it’s fitted to 510 nicely.

Arip aka Tapir’s neat daily driven GE8.

Back at it again with Yahya and his bestfriend, Muda Mulyana.

Ricky’s K20 powered EF! 

Sayangnya pada hari ini nggak bisa perform sampai sore karena kendala teknis sehingga harus pulang lebih cepat dari jadwal yang seharusnya.

Actually I really do love the Lotus Exige. It’s compact yet quick! But I don’t think it suits to the size of my body. LOL!

Danny’s infamous E63. Rocking on a set of GTR spec LMs. 

Another interesting car of the day.

Yap, Areza’s Scirocco R now back with a bit wider look and also wider shoes! Rad!

And Aldo, yes after saying goodbye to his mighty MKV now he got an S5 as his new toy.

Mean looking M4.

The aura of elegance is so strong here.

Same toy, different color scheme.

This boosted pocket rocket is currently on progress to make it a lil faster. I can’t wait to see the result.

Another rare pose on track.

Kalau mobilnya bisa ngomong, mungkin dia udah kangen banget sama majikannya.

Hari ini KZ terlihat seperti seorang anak yang kehilangan orang tuanya.

Tapi walaupun sedih, dia masih berusaha untuk bermain dengan teman-teman lainnya.

Well atleast KZ ada yang ngurus dan nggak benar-benar ditelantarikan.

Pampering Time

We knew that, this morning was wet as fuck. So errybody must clean up their car if they want to get a good exposure over their car if you know what i mean.

Such as Lucky, representing his sponsor at this event.

So that, he gotta make this car as clean as possible at any given time.

Muda, showing love to his baby.

So does this dude.

And… this….bae….

wipe it wipe it baby!


Checkin’ check!

Yes, you gotta check everything before hittin’ the track. Its crucial!

Terutama bagi mobil yang sudah melalui proses upgrade pada bagian mesin. Apalagi mesin yang menggunakan forced induction.

Walaupun begitu, bukan berarti kalau kalian pakai mesin N/A lantas nggak diharuskan melakukan pengecheckan sebelum kembali masuk ke sirkuit. It’s a must!

Sophisticated boosted engine.

To the sketchy one.

Seems like something’s wrong with it.

Refuelin’ every stop. Because racecar!

Last but not least, the tire pressure!

The simplest things that you can’t compromise.


The Action

The pictures say it all.



When you are not ready to get this.

Sayangnya, Danny terpaksa menyudahi kesenangan hari ini karena angin yang secara misterius hilang dari ban depannya.

Overshootin’ thru the corner and buried on gravel.

Seems like Dhandan had too much fun on the track. This 86 decided to ask his boss a new engine.

I love how AHT crew evacuate Dhandan’s 86 from the track.

We’re looking forward with your upcoming plan, Dhanbros 😀


Well, that’s all for now.
See you on our next event!


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